Chef Abhijeeth Urs

Chef Abhijeeth Urs

Born and raised in Bangalore, Abhijeeth URS always wanted to become a Chef.  At the age of 6 he found himself fascinated by the art of cooking and chose to pursue it.

His journey began when he graduated in 2007 in Hotel Management from Chennai. The course provided the theoretical knowledge while his initial internships at Hotels & Resorts in Goa & Rajasthan gave him an opportunity to put theory into practice.

His experience spans across 10+ years working with some of the world renowned hotel chains in both India & Middle Eastern markets. The gruelling job taught him discipline, hard work, multi-tasking and accountability. He set great expectations for himself and for those who worked with him, an attribute that led to more responsibility, quickening his learning curve.

While on the job, he realised that sushi is a niche market and Sushi chefs were valued more for their technical finesse. This intrigued Abhijeeth, and he wanted to try his hand at it. Circumstances dictated that a self-taught approach was his only option, so he showed initiative and rose to the challenge. He learnt the ins and outs of sushi making and brought those skills back to Bangalore.

Chef Abhijeeth identified a gap in the market for sushi. He saw this as the perfect opportunity to put his technical and creative skills to use and share the love he has for this cuisine. He set up a home kitchen and made delicious sushi for his family and friends while he eagerly curated the menu that would entice his customers. Once he knew he had a recipe for success, SushiMen was established to make authentic tasting sushi available to all. Today, SushiMen is recognised as one of Bangalore’s favourite sushi brands and has an ardent fan following.

When he is not in the kitchen Chef can be spotted pursuing one of his many hobbies such as Adventure motorcycling , boxing and Aquascaping. He is also a zoophilist and has two lovely Shih Tzu (Tobiko & Ikura) at home.

Abhijeeth Urs


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