Chef’s Favourite Platter
Chef’s Favourite Platter

Chef’s Favourite Platter

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Our chef’s personal favourite- and it’s hard to disagree! Perfect for a group of 2-3, the classic combination of tuna and salmon maki along with the mackerel nigiri make your taste buds tingle with the richness of the diverse flavours. Trust the chef!

Out of stock

Tuna maki (3 Pieces)

Salmon maki (3 Pieces)

California roll (3 Pieces)

Philadelphia roll (3 Pieces)

Tuna Nigiri (2 Pieces)

Salmon Nigiri (2 Pieces)

Prawn Nigiri (2 Pieces)

Crabstick nigiri (2 Pieces)

Unagi nigiri (2 Pieces)

Mackerel Nigiri (2 Pieces)


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