Signature Seafood Platter
Signature Seafood Platter

Signature Seafood Platter

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Is there anything better than crab and prawn tempura roll on a day like today? Add Unagi and Squid to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a platter of your dreams.

Out of stock

Prawn Tempura Roll ( 3 Pieces)

Crab Tempura Roll ( 3 Pieces)

Red Snapper Maki ( 3 Pieces)

Sea Bass Maki ( 3 Pieces)

Red Snapper Nigiri ( 2 Pieces)

Sea Bass Nigiri ( 2 Pieces)

Prawn Nigri ( 2 Pieces)

Squid Nigiri ( 2 Pieces)

Unagi Nigiri ( 2 Pieces)

Crabstick Nigiri ( 2 Pieces)


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