Vegan Combo 1
Vegan Combo 1

Vegan Combo 1


A vegan sushi experience like no other! From the California rolls to the fresh cucumber maki, this lunch box is every vegan sushi lover’s dream.

Vegan California Roll (3 Pcs)

Avocado, Globe Artichokes, Carrot & Cucumber wrapped in Nori & Vinegared rice topped with Vegan Mayo

Peanut Butter and Tofu (3 Pcs)

Sliced Tofu, Peanut Butter wrapped in Nori, Vinegared Rice & Roasted peanuts, Topped with Sesame oil

Carrrot maki (3 Pcs)

Crunchy Carrot wrapped in Nori and Vinegared rice

Cucumber Maki (3 Pcs)

Fresh Cucumber wrapped in Vinegared rice and Nori


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