Vegan Combo 2
Vegan Combo 2

Vegan Combo 2

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A hearty meal for two with a dash of freshness perfectly complemented by the richness of tempura fried tofu and the goodness of Green Apple, Avocado & Raw Mango.

Avocado Maki ( 3 Pcs)

Ripe Avocado Wrapped In Vinegared Rice & Nori

Pickled Maki (3pcs)

Pickled radish & Pickled Ginger wrapped in Nori & Vinegared rice

Tempura Fried Tofu ( 3 Pcs)

Tempura fried Tofu wrapped in Nori and Vinegared Rice topped with tempura crisps.

Green Wave Maki ( 3 Pcs)

Green Apple, Avocado & Raw Mango wrapped in Vinegared Rice and Nori.


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