Our Itamae: Abhijeeth Urs

Chef Auguste Escoffier once said, “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”. Chef Abhijeeth Urs hails from the same school of thought. Though an entrepreneur, he will always be a chef first. With his belief in creating experiences for his friends, family and customers, he embarked upon this culinary journey to fulfill his desire of becoming a chef. 

Drawing inspiration from his life experiences and learnings, he is motivated most when he is creating. His drive for innovation is fueled by his desire to experiment and create with new ingredients and dishes. He holds his knowledge close to his heart and mind and this reflects in his style and technique of cooking. What inspires him most to continue experimenting and trying new things is the successful results of his previous creations.

There’s no one reason why someone chooses a profession which ends up being our way of life. Who we are today is a culmination of all of our life experiences, learning, guidance and blessings. Hence, there’s no one reason why Chef Urs is a chef today, but it’s safe to say his entire life has been flush with instances leading up to this. From not knowing the meaning of the term chef to becoming a successful Chef Manager and an Entrepreneur has been a long fruitful journey with immeasurable learnings for him. But if we were to chalk it down to one reason, it would be his desire for artistic freedom to create and innovate with different food items.

Sushi and SushiMen have been a driving force for his immense success. Even though he took up various cooking specialties, Sushi always found its way back to him making him a true expert on it, a true Itamae. An Itamae is someone who is well versed in the art of making Sushi, a Sushi Chef if you will. 

Chef Urs possess the discipline, knowledge and experience the cuisine demands, so much so that it all comes naturally to him now. One would say he breathes and talks Sushi. With his immense interest in making Sushi, he would prepare Sushi meals for friends and families when he could for the sheer love of cooking and serving loved ones, It was them who encouraged him to explore SushiMen as a business venture and thank god for that! With their support and his vision, SushiMen has grown tremendously in the past 2 years.

If Abhijeeth weren’t a chef, he’d still find his way near food in the way of farming, His immense love for ingredients and naturally grown veggies knows no bounds. He is happy to take up farming and grow veggies and herbs, making him a food lover in the true sense of the term. Simplicity and excitement is what he believes in. He is also a fan of animals, especially his 2 dogs. He spends time with them everyday before and after work. They’re his little canine family. Apart from this love for food and animals, he belongs to the biking community where he takes long rides around the country when possible. It truly is refreshing for him. 

From taking time for himself and practicing aquascaping to becoming an entrepreneur, Abhijeeth has always focused on his growth and the growth of SushiMen, Constantly looking for opportunities to grow and be better is his specialty. He believes that complacency will kill your desire to grow, which is the truth. Finding new ways to keep himself motivated, he has great plans for himself and his business ventures~ only time will tell!

With his conceptualising SushiMen, it became one of the first Sushi places in Bangalore to safely deliver Sushi to people’s doorsteps, that was unheard of before SushiMen! Now that’s an achievement worth bragging!

With beliefs of honestly, kindness, growth, positivity he is truly a great entrepreneur and a Chef. The chef in him and the businessman in him are a package deal, as they should be! The chef in him is constantly creating and the businessman in him is focusing on growing the business.

A true chef, a genuine businessman, a kind person, an animal lover and a true believer, Chef Abhijeeth Urs is a culinary gem, who will be known everywhere for his work and contribution to the Food and Beverage Industry!

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions about what you’d like to read in the coming weeks, and we’ll try to deliver!  

Next Up: We’ll explore the innumerable health benefits of eating Sushi! Stay Tuned!


-Team SushiMen

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