Review 2020

2020 is the year it all happened, the unthinkable became our reality and we had to live it, experience it and learn and grow from it to the best of our capabilities.

The year began with a plethora of possibilities, and then Covid-19 happened and we had to adjust our hopes and dreams accordingly. There probably hasn’t been a more life changing year in a really long time! 2020 did indeed change a lot for everyone, even for us! This unprecedented year turned out to be a year of many firsts for us at SushiMen! It was a year of love, gratitude, learning, creating and just in every way staying connected with you. We are overwhelmed with the love and warmth you have bestowed upon us at SushiMen. For embracing us in the time of need, for believing in the food we make and for engaging with us throughout the year with no qualms in mind.

While on lockdown, we could only do one of two things, either sulk or use this as an opportunity to grow and explore. We chose the latter. With your support, we were able to experiment with new dishes and introduce them into our menu. We focused on launching a new menu specially for the Sushi lovers out there. Your faith in us facilitated the acceptance of our new menu so much! 

Health and Safety played the roles of key makers or breakers of any establishment. While the government enforced new safety protocols for everyone to follow, it was very similar to our approach to your safety.  It was simply a reassurance of that fact that we have been operating with utmost safety from the get go and continue to do so even now. Your safety is our primary priority!

Since we’re a cloud kitchen, we didn’t have to make drastic changes in our way of operating and could effortlessly adapt to the present scenario. The tremendous increase in the food orders was just the boost we needed to maintain that streak of safety and of being motivated to create the best sushi experiences for you!

They say that gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness and we indeed are happy to have such a powerful and loving crowd of people who love and accept SushiMen and  believe in us! We strive to make each sushi experience a great one and it is our constant endeavour to sushify your cravings!! Your continuous support always motivates us to keep doing our best! So, from the bottom of our hearts, a big thank you to all  our Sushi lovers and to everyone out there who has ever ordered from us! 

Next Up: We’ll dig deeper into the century old debate of “Chopsticks or hands”. Stay Tuned.


-Team SushiMen

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