Sushi Etiquette 101

Do you know what’s great about sushi? Well, it’s everything but it’s the fact that each sushi represents a patch of the sea under a different shade of sky. However, in Sushimen’s case, it’s also the representation of fresh ingredients from different shades of the sky. 
Sushi is a beloved snack or full meal we all love. The little pockets of flavour offer so much that we all can’t seem to get enough of. And why wouldn’t you? It’s delicious! 
Whether your favourite is a maki roll, nigiri (rice topped with fish) or sashimi, there are certain etiquettes the humble sushi ancestors like us to follow. Let’s have a look, shall we? 

Is chopstick a must?

Well, not really. Both are acceptable. We get that it can be quite difficult to learn how to use them but it’s okay if you want to use your hands. 
However, it’s recommended that you use a chopstick to have sashimi as the fish slices are delicate and a chopstick is an easy way to consume them. 
While you’ve managed to use a chopstick like a pro, be sure to not rub the sticks together as it’s considered an insult, suggesting that the chopstick quality is poor. Don’t point it at other people or use it as a drumstick either. 
Always leave your chopsticks on the holder beside your plate instead of on your plate or dipping bowl. If you do so, it’s an indication that you are done eating. 

The dip trick 

Use soy sauce sparingly. A small drop is all you need or it’ll overpower the taste of the sushi. 
When you dip the sushi, dip it in gently with the fish first so that it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster and also to give you the right flavour. 
Remember, the soy sauce is for your fish and not the rice as it’s already been seasoned, so dip right. 

Relax on the wasabi

Take it easy on the amount of wasabi you use. If the chef hasn’t used it already in the sushi, apply a small amount of it on each piece and then dip it in the soy sauce. Many prefer to mix wasabi with the sauce but that tends to not go too well. So, to balance out the flavours, add it individually.
At SushiMen, we use the special wasabi to make your every sushi experience a memorable one.

Don’t forget the ginger 

Ever wondered what the ginger that is served with your plate of sushi is for? Well, those thin slices are pickled ginger, meant to be a palate cleanser. They aren’t a garnish or topping you should have with your roll.
So if you’ve ordered multiple fish rolls and you’re switching between them, have a small bite of the gari shoga (pickled ginger) as a palate cleanser before you have the next one. This will allow your palate to appreciate every little roll on the plate and the flavour it has to offer.

Share plates 

If you’ve ordered a shared plate and there’s a variety to try from, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, be respectful that others are also sharing from your plate, so use the back end of your chopstick to take the roll from the shared plate to your own plate. You can use your hands to consume it after.
The idea behind this is to ensure that the chopstick that touched your mouth hasn’t been put on the shared plate.

Have it fresh 

At SushiMen, every roll is made to order and we use the freshest of ingredients. But it’s important that you consume the sushi rolls within a few hours (within four hours) and not keep anything for the next day. We’re not too worried though, we know there won’t be any left!

Finish everything on your plate 

Given that sushi is made for a one-bite meal, eat it in one shot. It tends to fall off if you don’t and creates an imbalance of flavour too.
Clean your plate, even if there are a couple of grains of rice on the plate — it’s a compliment to the chef! 

Now that you know the important etiquettes, there’s only one more thing that you have to make sure you do — enjoy every sushi roll and every ingredient we’ve added with lots of love and care. 

Sushi out! 

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