About SushiMen

About SushiMen
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SushiMen had a humble start as SushiMan in 2018 under that Mathsya Enterprise Banner and was catering select dishes to only the friends and family of the Founder and Chef – Abhijeeth Urs. Having identified a gap in the Bangalore market for sushi, as it was still in its nascent stage, He saw this as the perfect opportunity to put his technical and creative skills to use and share the love he has for this cuisine. With a vision grounded in maintaining the best standards in all aspects of the sushi making process, SushiMen strives to deliver an exquisite experience to all its patrons.

In an effort to bring Sushi to everyone, our chef, Abhijeeth Urs has introduced his own creations, including vegetarian and vegan sushi, an unconventional concept in this cuisine. While Sushimen aims to bring an authentic tasting experience to seasoned sushi lovers, the brand also caters to first timers who are keen to try a new cuisine.

With a constantly evolving menu, it is our constant endeavour to create a novel experience in every meal. Every dish is freshly prepared once we receive the order and only the best ingredients are used in preparation to ensure the most delectable sushi experience Bangalore has to offer.

Our logo has been inspired from Hinomaru, the Japanese Circle of Sun. Like the spectacular rising of the sun over the ocean, we strive to give you a magnificent and authentic experience that you will cherish.

As an environmentally conscious brand we are on our way to using only biodegradable materials in all our packaging, ensuring a safe experience for our customers and the environment.

Today, SushiMen is recognised as one of Bangalore’s favourite sushi brands and boasts of a loyal fan base. The brand’s promise is to maintain the highest standards we have set for ourselves and continue to innovate to make every meal memorable.

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