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    • Absolutely Sushi Platter

      A sushi lovers' paradise! The skillfully crafted nigiri and maki are a true delight and an absolute pleasure to devour. Perfect for a party of 4 with an assortment of maki, nigiri and edamame.
    • Viva Vegan Sushi Platter

      Don't miss out on the vegan party! With the best selection including tempura tofu and the goodness of Green Apple, Avocado & Raw Mango,  this platter even comes with vegan version of the classic California rolls.
    • Veggie Sushi Platter

      Who ever said vegearian sushi can't be delicious? Once you've had a taste of the unique flavour combinations- spinach and cottage cheese, peanut butter and tofu, you're going to keep coming back for more!
    • Chef’s Favourite Platter

      Our chef's personal favourite- and it's hard to disagree! Perfect for a group of 2-3, the classic combination of tuna and salmon maki along with the mackerel nigiri make your taste buds tingle with the richness of the diverse flavours. Trust the chef!
    • Vegan Meal 3

      The perfect meal for a vegan sushi party! Flavorful maki with crispy tempura fried tofu and veggies, along with some of our most popular rolls makes for a hearty and wholesome meal.
    • Vegetarian Meal 3

      The all-in veggie sushi meal. A drool-worthy assortment of vegeterian sushi that will surely sushify your cravings and then some!
    • Tempura Meal

      Embrace the tempura unlimited experience with generous offerings of tempura-fried crispy prawn roll, soft shell crab roll, cottage cheese and vegetable roll, along with a portion of edamame and kombucha.
    • Vegan Heaven Sushi Platter

      Try the vegan versions of our most favourite sushi. This is every vegan's dream come true with edamame of course!
    • Classic Veggie Platter

      Served with a side of edamame, this veggie platter has been made with lots of love to cater to the palate of the vegetarian sushi lovers.
    • Maki Combo 3

      A wholesome maki meal with an assortment of tuna, salmon maki coupled with our most popular California and Philadelphia rolls.
    • Seafood Meal 2

      Every seafood lover's dream come true! Hancrafted philadelphia roll, unagi nigiri, mackerel sashimi served with a portion of delectable edamame beans and kombucha tea.
    • Maki Combo 2

      The perfect fix for your sushi cravings. With a combination of veg and non-veg maki, this lunch box makes for a healthy and delicious meal.
    • Rainbow Chirashi Bowl

      Indulge in the goodness of fresh salmon, avocado, tuna, crabstick and edamame that’s on a bed of vinegared rice, topped with sesame seeds and flax seeds and garnished with Wakame salad with cucumber and onion. There’s also soy and spicy mayo on the side.
    • Seafood Meal 1

      Summoning all seafood lovers! A selection of our best sellers to sushify your cravings - california roll, crabstick nigiri, and prawn sashimi served with a portion of succulent edamame and delicious kombucha.
    • Nigiri Combo 2

      An exquisite array of nigiri from crabstick and unagi to barbecued eel and smoked mackerel. Get this lunch box for a opulent sushi experience.

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