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    • All About Sushi Platter

      A feast for the senses, an assortment of all things sushi. The platter offers delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian sushi from crunchy carrot and cucumber maki to spicy tuna and salmon roll, from the popular california and philadelphia roll. The sushi is accompanied with portions of steamed edamame and healthy kombucha.
    • Sushi Fans Platter

      Get a taste of all our latest additions to the menu! With interesting flavor profiles, try the different vegeterian rolls and seafood nigiris. The perfect platter for a cozy social gathering with your squad.
    • Absolutely Sushi Platter

      A sushi lovers' paradise! The skillfully crafted nigiri and maki are a true delight and an absolute pleasure to devour. Perfect for a party of 4 with an assortment of maki, nigiri and edamame.
    • The Sushi Squad Platter

      Add a little spice to your party of 2-3 with the salmon and tuna rolls. This platter also offers the delectable red snapper and sea bass maki, and the popular california and philadelphia rolls.
    • Signature Seafood Platter

      Is there anything better than crab and prawn tempura roll on a day like today? Add Unagi and Squid to the mix, and you've got yourself a platter of your dreams.
    • Viva Vegan Platter

      Don't miss out on the vegan party! With the best selection including tempura tofu and the goodness of Green Apple, Avocado & Raw Mango,  this platter even comes with vegan version of the classic California rolls.
    • Veggie Sushi Platter

      Who ever said vegearian sushi can't be delicious? Once you've had a taste of the unique flavour combinations- spinach and cottage cheese, peanut butter and tofu, you're going to keep coming back for more!
    • Chef’s Favourite Platter

      Our chef's personal favourite- and it's hard to disagree! Perfect for a group of 2-3, the classic combination of tuna and salmon maki along with the mackerel nigiri make your taste buds tingle with the richness of the diverse flavours. Trust the chef!
    • Nigiri Lovers Platter

      Can't get enough of nigiri? From salmon to squid, scampi to unagi, this platter is just perfect to satisfy your nigiri cravings.
    • Sashimi Lovers Platter

      The most intricate assortment of sashimi! Our chef has perfectly handcrafted each sashimi to make this platter a real feast for sashimi lovers.
    • Vegan Heaven Sushi Platter

      Try the vegan versions of our most favourite sushi. This is every vegan's dream come true with edamame of course!
    • Classic Veggie Platter

      Served with a side of edamame, this veggie platter has been made with lots of love to cater to the palate of the vegetarian sushi lovers.

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