• Maki Combo 3

      A wholesome maki meal with an assortment of tuna, salmon maki coupled with our most popular California and Philadelphia rolls.
    • Vegetarian Combo 1

      An appetizing selection of vegetarian sushi that is sure to sushify your cravings. This includes our best-seller Peanut Butter and Tofu Maki!
    • Nigiri Combo 1

      The perfect meal for your mid-day cravings! Authentic tuna, salmon, and prawn nigiri to sushify your cravings.
    • Maki Combo 1

      A delicious assortment of vegeterian and non-vegeterian maki that will leave your taste buds tingling. Pair these with the flavourful soy sauce and wasabi for an authentic experience.
    • Maki Combo 2

      The perfect fix for your sushi cravings. With a combination of veg and non-veg maki, this lunch box makes for a healthy and delicious meal.
    • Vegetarian Combo 2

      The perfect balance of crispy fried goodness and delectable freshness. This lunch box comes with Avocado Maki along with Cucumber and Feta Maki. Indulge in utter deliciousness of the Tempura fried Cottage Cheese and the goodness of Green Apple, Avocado & Raw Mango
    • Nigiri Combo 2

      An exquisite array of nigiri from crabstick and unagi to barbecued eel and smoked mackerel. Get this lunch box for a opulent sushi experience.
    • Vegan Combo 2

      A hearty meal for two with a dash of freshness perfectly complemented by the richness of tempura fried tofu and the goodness of Green Apple, Avocado & Raw Mango.
    • Vegan Combo 1

      A vegan sushi experience like no other! From the California rolls to the fresh cucumber maki, this lunch box is every vegan sushi lover's dream.

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